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Elevate is a sustainable lifestyle brand dedicated to spreading peace on earth, one t-shirt at a time. 

We sell eco-friendly clothes because we care about the environment, but we also care about your pocket so we try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible.

Everything on our website is sustainable and ethically sourced. So when you buy something from us you know it makes a difference in the world. 

It is our mission to create a sustainable company that is dedicated to making humans healthier and happier, while living in harmony with nature and the Universal Principles of Light, Love, Truth, and Peace.

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It is forecasted that the clothing industry will be worth more than $400 billion in the US alone by the year 2021, making it one of the biggest sectors of the economy. 

Every shirt you buy has a carbon footprint which effects the environment and Earth we live on. One of our t-shirts saves up to four plastic bottles from ending up in landfill and thousands of litres of clean water.

Every shirt you buy has a positive impact on the Earth as well as yourself. We also donate 3% of all profit to Effective Altruism, a non profit organization which assists humanitarian and environmental causes.


Elevate Four Pillars Of Success


All of our materials, products, and merchandise are eco-friendly and have been ethically-sourced.  Elevate is an Equal Opportunity Employer that is compliant with all Federal and Local Labor Laws.


We believe that a sustainable lifestyle shouldn't be expensive or complicated.  

We make sure every step of the way, from start to finish, is ethical and sustainable so you can have peace of mind while enjoying a clean lifestyle.


Our clothes are made without the use of synthetic substances or genetic modifications used during the production.

Each shirt only uses organic cotton and recycled polyester, saving up to four plastic bottles from ending up in landfill.


We want each sale to have a positive impact on Earth. So we donate 3% of

our profit to  Effective Altruism, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting charities which serve environmental or humanitarian causes.

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